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The magic of La Mer. Is it worth the hype? Yes. This might sound silly but I remember as a kid watching VH1 The Fabulous Life of Jennifer Lopez (actual clip from the show at the bottom of post if you’re interested in watching it) and hearing about La Mer for the first time and how she uses the $1,000 bottle of Crème de La Mer all-over-her-body and going wow…..must be some good stuff! And sure enough look at JLo now.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”

photo credit by Instyle Magazine 

You get what I mean. So of course when I got my hands on a sample of La Mer for the first time I was super excited and curious to see if this stuff really works. There’s no secret that it’s expensive so if you’re curious to try La Mer but don’t want to commit to a hefty purchase yet, I recommend visiting Sephora or your local department store that carries the brand and ask for a sample of what you want to try. 

I started with a sample of the classic Crème de la Mer and The Concentrate and boy did it do wonders to my skin. This was about 4 years ago and during that time I had some bad scars from acne that wouldn’t go away. A La Mer consultant recommended the use of The Concentrate for a week and was  nice enough to give me 2 weeks worth of it.  I swear most of my scars diminished within those two weeks and I had this bright glow to my skin.

I also loved how hydrating and soft my skin felt after using the Crème after one use. I was hooked immediately! And ever since then, whenever I get a nice paycheck and go on a Treat Yo’Self shopping spree, I always save room for a La Mer product ♥. There are some products of theirs that I’ve tried and dare I say, didn’t convince me to buy them a second time so I want to highlight the products that I’ve used and would highly recommend anyone who is interested in investing in La Mer to give these a shot.


Crème de La Mer 1 oz $175

Luxury in a bottle, this is the best face cream I’ve ever used in my life. I swear everytime I use this my skin looks it’s best. If you have really dry skin or really want a hydrating mask that will give your skin a healthy dewy glow plus softens any fine lines and wrinkles then this baby is it.


The Perfecting Treatment 1.7 oz $245

Made popular by Kim Kardashian West, this product is truly perfection in a bottle. It can be used as a primer or on top of your moisturizer by itself for a more natural look, this perfecting treatment beautifies and blurs pores and imperfections, improves texture and tone with time (helps reduce redness).  It’s definitely my go to primer when ever I want to look my absolute best!

The Concentrate 1 oz $370


A little goes a long way with this product. With just a couple of drops a day, you’ll start noticing healthier looking skin. If you have dull, tired skin and deal with a lot of redness or scarring from acne then I highly recommend giving this a try. This product is super infused with a mega dose of the cell-renewing Miracle Broth™ so you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck here.


The Powder 0.28 oz $95

Chloe Morello (famous YouTuber) got me hooked to this from her Wedding Day Makeup Tutorial (link to that video here) and it has become one of my all time favorites. If you’re looking for a luxurious translucent setting powder that will blur your pores and give you a perfect flawless look to your makeup then you have to give this a try. Like all La Mer products this powder contains La Mer’s famous Miracle Broth so you know you’re getting more than a powder with this product, you get skincare benefits as well.


The Hand Treatment 3.4 fl. oz $90

This is the boujiest hand cream I’ve ever used but you know what….it’s the best damn hand cream my hands have ever felt. I swear I felt like I had silky smooth baby skin with this hand cream.  I love using this in the winter especially when I have to go out to an event and wear jewelry that people will notice my hands a lot (there’s no worse feeling than wearing jewelry and having dry, dull hands). The great thing about this hand cream as well is that it helps fight signs of aging, which believe it or not is one of the spots that gives your age away, so it’s never too early to start!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on La Mer or if there is a specific product of theirs you’ve tried that I didn’t mention. Leave a comment below!



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