9 Easy Steps to Clear Acne for FREE

1. DRINK WATER – Yes, this might sound silly but drinking at least 2 liters (8 glasses) of water helps fight acne. According to Dr. M Christina Lee, skin cells require water to function properly, so when we are constantly drinking water our skin is able to “self-moisturize” and reduces the need to over-produce oil.

2. Change your pillowcase every week – I started doing this a noticed a big difference especially on my cheeks (since I sleep on my side).  I also use a hypo-allergenic detergent with no scent and skip the softner, highly recommend.  

3. Avoid touching your face – this seems like common sense but the truth is a lot of us unconsciously touch our face throughout the day.  I am guilty of doing this from time to time, mostly when I’m stressed. Just do your best and try not to touch your face. 

4. Work out – I’ve personally noticed a HUGE difference in my skin since I started working out constantly.  A good work out helps reduce stress which can lead to fewer breakouts. You also open your pores, increase blood circulation, get more oxygen to your skin cells which helps get rid of cell waste. 

5. Wash your hands before washing your face/applying makeup:  Again, common sense right? But still, a lot of people forget to wash their hands before washing their face or applying makeup. Even hand sanitizer will do! **I wrote this pre-quarantine and I hope I don’t need to repeat myself so…..WASH YOUR HANDS!**

6. Avoid eating sugar – You are what you eat. It’s that simple, you get out what you put in. Try to avoid eating junk food constantly like chocolate, candy, and even dairy. Natural sugars are fine, just make sure it’s all in moderation. 


7. Don’t sleep with makeup- you definitely want to at least remove your makeup with those handy dandy makeup remover wipes. Sleeping with makeup causes your pores to get clogged which leads to more acne, so don’t get lazy and just remove it. 

8. Try to relax- Stress is definitely a factor in acne, recently while we’ve been in quarantine and life seems uncertain I noticed I started breaking out all over my chin. I started to meditate and work on breathing exercises whenever I feel overwhelmed and it has been helping. I know this is hard for a lot of us to do but it’s as simple as that……just learn to chill. Take one day at a time

9. Moisturize!– A lot of people think ohh no moisturizer makes me break out I don’t use it, and I get it there might be some moisturizers that are more creamy than others that can cause that you still need to moisturize. When your skin is dry it tries to compensate and creates extra oil. That extra oil can clog pores and create breakouts. It’s important to still moisturize. I recommend using a gel-based moisturizer if you tend to break out easily.

Let me know if these tips were helpful! I love to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Share your thoughts down below and stay safe.


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